Sometimes working out stuff between yourselves can get too hard, even though you’ve tried a bunch of times.  

I can help as a neutral third party, in a safer, more guided environment.  I won’t tell you what is important to each of you, but I can help you explore it.  I can share pertinent research around various challenges.  Doing this can often make the way forward clearer.


I understand the importance of confidentiality.  I don’t share any identifying information with anyone including close friends, family or colleagues.  In rare cases of harm, or as legally required, necessary information is shared with authorities. 

How it works

First sessions are 90 mins, later sessions being 60 mins.  You might like to receive a free call back before booking a session.  You can do that here.

Sometimes a neutral third party can help you get past an impasse

Confidentiality is a bedrock value of our sessions