Modern society doesn’t do a great job in preparing us for happy relationships, often we are expected to “just know”.  When that doesn’t happen we are confused, frustrated, and upset.

I’d like to change that.

I don’t know everything, but I’m eternally curious, and always learning.  Come on the journey with me, and discover what makes you tick, and how to find more fun as a couple.

about me

My name is Stewart, and even as teen I was curious about how good marriages worked.  Originally studying psychology for 18 months, I got a Bachelor of Counselling in 2018.  I’m good as reading the research and giving you the key elements.  

I take a lifespan view to helping couples connect.  I also use all the tools I can to towards this goal.  This includes workshops for younger groups, pre-marriage advice,  symposiums for couples to spark spontaneity, couples coaching, and couples counselling.

Modern society
doesn’t do a great job 

in preparing us for 

happy relationships.